Montana Fall Gatherin' Auction

Annual Western Art & Memorabilia Auction
Friday, October 25th - 6 p.m. & Saturday, October 26th - 10 a.m.
Location: Trade Center, Lewistown, MT

Auction Preview: Friday starting at 1 p.m. and Satruday starting at 8 a.m.

Cheek, C. R., oil on board, Winter Moon, 18” x 24”
Cheek, C. R., oil on board, Winter Cabin, 18” x 20”
Cheek, C. R., oil on board, Untitled, 8” x 12”
Cheek, C. R., oil on canvas, The Sod Cabin, 8” x 10”
Cheek, C. R., oil on canvas, Montana Grizzly, 8” x 10”
Cheek, C. R., oil on canvas, Prairie Pronghorn, 8” x 10”
Bailey, Ron, oil on board, Beaver Camp, 16” x 20”
Cuts The Rope, Clarence, oil on canvas, Camp Creek Pass, 24” x 48”, outstanding piece
Cuts The Rope, Clarence, oil on canvas, Mallards Rising, 1984, 12” x 16”
Cuts The Rope, Clarence, pen/ink, Saddle Bronc Champion, 1972, 12” x 18”
Cuts The Rope, Clarence, pen/ink, Bareback Bronc Champion, 1972, 12” x 18”
Cuts The Rope, Clarence, pen/ink, Look Out Point, 1972, 12” x 18”
Cuts The Rope, Clarence, pen/ink, Log Cabin Saloon, Poplar, MT, 1972, 12” x 18”
Cuts The Rope, Clarence, pen/ink, 3 indian portraits, 1995, 12” x 16”
Cuts The Rope, Clarence, pen/ink, Eagle, 1979, 18” x 24”
Cuts the Rope, Frank  pencil sketch, unsigned, 20”x 14”
Contway, Jay, pen/ink, Running Wild Horses, 8” x 10”, unframed
East, Barbara, (Colorado), original pen/ink, 11” x 9.5”
Farrar, Burton (Great Falls, MT), oil on canvas, 11” x 14”
Fellows, Fred, CAA, original pen/ink, Wagon Master, 8.5” x 11”
Hall, Bob, pen/ink, Elk, 12” x 18”
Hines, Jack (Big Timber, MT), watercolor, 12” x 16”
Knerr, Floyd, original pencil, Cool Water, 12” x 24”
Lockman, Kim, The Tall and the Short of It
Michael, Judy, acrylic, Whitetails, 4” x 8”
Michael, Judy, acrylic, Livery & Feed Barn, 3D, 8” x 10”
Mimnaugh, Terry (Great Falls, MT), watercolor, Rooster, 9” x 13”
Nelson, Mitzi, watercolor, A Great Rope Horse, 5.5” x 8.5”
Peters, Les, oil on board, Buck Mule Deer, 5” x 7”
Peters, Les, oil on board, The Colt, 7” x 5”
Rains, William (Billings, MT), watercolor, Indian Chief, 12” x 14”, 1978
Sander, Tom, Buffalo, watercolor, 12.5” x 8.5”
Sander, Tom, watercolor, Indian Portrait  7” x 9.5”
Sander, Tom, watercolor, Fall Pheasants, 15.5” x 10”
Spurgeon, Carol (Great Falls, MT), watercolor, The Armington Barn, 10.5” x 20.5”
Sutherland, Ross (Great Falls, MT), oil on canvas, Freeze Out Lake, 16” x 20”
Zivic, William, charcoal, Many Tail Feathers, 18” x 24”
Zivic, William, charcoal, Billy Two Rocks, 18” x 24”
Leedy, Jeff, pastel, 16” x 22”, 1999
Contway, Jay, bronze, Buffalo Skull, 1981, 1/20
Fellows, Fred, CAA, bronze, Owl & Buffalo Skull, 5” t x 5” w, 24/100
Heikka, Earl, bronze, Horse, 14” w x 12” h, 18/30
Jones, Dennis (Joseph, OR), bronze, Where Horses Can’t Go, 44/50, 17” h x 11” w
Lemon, David (McAllister, MT), bronze, Curley, Crow Scout, 19” t x 14” w x 11” d
Mene, D. J., bronze, Scotchman With His Dogs, 19” h x 13” w
Northrup, George (Wyoming), bronze, Bull Moose, 16” h x 29” w, 12/28
Remington, Frederic, recast bronze, Bronc Buster, 15” w x 2   1” h
Sander, Tom, bronze, 2 Fox, 5/50,  8”H x 6.5”w
Wentworth, George, bronze, Chief Joseph, 1/30, 7.5” h x 4” w x 3” d
Dwyer, Anna, sculpture, Mustang, 13/50, 9” tall x 9.5” l x 2.5” w
Dwyer, Anna, sculpture, Filly, 2/25, 6.5” t x 4.5” l x 2.5” w
Logozzo, Jack, resin sculpture, Generations, The Bugling Lesson, Edition of 500, NRA, 11” h x 10” w
Chopwood, Hank, original sand sculpture, Buffalo Bill Cody
Wood, D. B., sandstone sculpture, Indian Carrying Bundle, 12” h
Wood, D. B., sandstone sculpture,  Indian with Buffalo, 10” h
Wood, D. B., sandstone sculpture, Woman With Papoose, 10” h
E. J. Owenhouse Montana Territory saddle, Sam Stagg rigged, Cheyenne roll seat, half seat style, all original
Al Furstnow full carved saddle, square skirts, Furstnow Catalog #115, very high condition
Ray Holes (Grangeville, Idaho) silver mtd saddle, fancy flower tooled w/matching silver mtd bridle & breast collar. Fabulous set.
Ray Holes (Grangeville, Idaho) saddle, horsehead carving on fenders, ca 1943
KB & P  dble silver mtd spurs, orig. 16 pt. rowels, marked below heart button. Nice pair of spurs.
Heart spurs, unknown maker, 20 hearts on each spur, mountings are gold, bronze and nickel silver. Rare!
Canon City, Colorado prison-made spurs, 15 pt. rowels
Fleming engraved stainless steel spurs
Lady leg blacksmith-made spurs w/steer heads on bands, from ranch on Upper Rosebud Creek, MT
L. J. Church large silver double mtd spurs
Gus Goldberg silver mtd bit, marked J. E. (Juan Estrada), Sacramento, CA. Barqueno mouthpiece, ca. 1930
L. D. Stone silver mtd early spade bit, San Franciso on back of mouth piece, ca 1890, marked
Abby Hunt  silver mtd S-shank bit, half breed, ca 1930, unmarked
Mike Morales, Santa Barbara silver mtd spade bit, ca 1930, unmarked
Mike Morales, Santa Barbara silver mtd S-shank half breed bit, ca 1930, unmarked
California silver mtd spade bit, unknown maker, ca. 1880’s -1890’s
Buermann zinc coated bit for horsehair bridle
Bits & Spur Makers in The Texas Tradition, Ned & Jody Martin, 2001, 1st, dj, near fine
Bits & Spur Makers in The Vaquero Tradition, Ned & Jody Martin, 1997, 1st, dj, near fine, signed
Bit & Spur Motif & Techniques and Modern Makers, Ned & Jody Martin, 2003, dj, near fine
Miles City Saddlery double-ear bridle, marked
Heiser, Denver fancy studded bridle, marked
Harpham Bros, Nebraska bridle, marked
Hitched horsehair round braided bridle
Clark (Pendleton, OR) black woolie chaps, nice!
Heiser, Denver batwing chaps
US Cavalry Leather Saddle Bags, WWI Era
A. J. Davidson holster & cartridge belt, Helena, M.T.
Victor Ario gun belt and holster
F. A. Meanea, Cheyenne, WY, leather shaving box, 9” x 3”, bull dog tappaderos, leather covered stirrups, webbed saddle cinch, all marked.
Colorado Saddlery rifle scabbard
Eubanks Saddlery rifle scabbard, buck stitched
Beaded double loop holster
Douglas, WY chaps; Cowboy bed roll, 72” x 72”
Rawhide riata, 36’ &  8’ bull whip
Buffalo tanned rug with tail, ca 1880’s
Saddle blanket, ca 1920’s; Cowboy possible bag, 6” x 11”
Braided leather quirt, 23”; Leather bull whip, 82”
Rodeo Sports News Annual Editions, 1955-2017
Repro. saddle catalogs, M.Morales, Edward H
Hooked rug w/bucking horse and rider
Oneida Newhouse #15 bear trap, with teeth, appears complete
Oneida Newhouse #5 bear trap
Oneida Newhouse #50 bear trap, pan cut off
Newhouse #4
(2) Newhouse #1
(2) Triumph #3 triple clutch kangaroo
Triumph #6
Victor #3 jump trap, double trap
Bigelow rd. spring trap, racoons, mink, rabbits. Bigelow Trap Co, Ohio.  5 1/2” diameter”, ca.1960
(10) Riker trays of stone points, all Montana. Over 300 total pieces from Basket Ellis Ranch, Choteau; Shaw Butte Trap, Fort Shaw; McBride Trap, Simms; Dago Hill, Fort Shaw; Sun River Drainage.
See online catalog for detailed descriptions.
Navajo Eye Dazzler weaving, 44” x 69”, Chinle Trading Post (Predates Chinle Rivival). Egetal Dye-Orange Mtn. Maghog Root, good, clean condition
Navajo storm pattern weaving, pre-war
Navajo blanket, Ganado style, 35” x 54”
Hopi Indian woven grass basket, 6 3/4”, excellent condition. Bought on Hopi Reservation in 1910.
Steel arrow head inbedded in buffalo vertibrae
Fancy beaded gauntlets w/stars, ca 1930’s
Elk horn hide scraper, 14”; Porcupine hair brush, 11”
Big Horn sheep horn spoon, 15”; Skull cracker tomahawk, 35”
Beaded drum stick, 18”; Bladder rattle, 14”
Horse head catlinite peace pipe; (2) bows, 33” and 36”
Indian tomahawk, hitched horsehair and bead trim
Lewis and Clark era trade beads
(2) strings Chumash handmade stone & shell beads, Channel Islands, CA
Indian arrow head points, 12 pcs, San Louis area, Alamosa, CO
Arrow head points, 15 pcs, Willamette River, Western OR
H & R Model 65 WWII M1 Training rifle, semi-auto, .22LR, sn 991
Winchester Model 70 Classic SM Boss, .270 Win., pre-64 action, new in box, sn 75827
SigSauer 716, .308 cal., 2 -10 rd clips, sn 226001787, soft side case
Rem 700 DU, .30-06, unfired, Leopold 4X scope, sn 0233DU1985, in box
Sig Sauer P227, .45 ACP, new unfired, sn 51A000220, hard case
Blunderbus,  53” barrel, 68” total length
Daisy Powerline 35 BB Gun
Military field binoculars, WW1, 7”h x 4 1/2”w
Lemaire binoculars, 1895-1905, 6” h x 5” w
German made binoculars, 6” h x 5” w
Busch Special binoculars, 1895-1905, 5 1/2” x 5” w
(2) Field binoculars, 7” high x 5” w, French-made, ca 1900
Original Bowie Knife, marked, 8” blade, chip on hdle.
Old rawhide snow shoes, 28”x 14”
Deer foot handled letter opener w/sheath
Schrade knife, fixed blade
Case XX USA59L SS folding knife w/sheath
Case XX SS 523 3 ¼” knife w/sheath
Western pearl handled pocket knife
Bob Gordon Bait Knife, ca 1920’s
LeMann Black Hills Gold men’s wrist watch, new in case
Ornate Japanese sword w/sheath, 26” blade, marked “2600th Year of the Imperial reign” (1940)
Wood MKV duck call & wood Faulks CH44 goose call
Unmarked wooden duck call & Lohman gold series duck call
Snow goose wall mount; Antelope shoulder mount; Buffalo hide
Deer foot knife, Czech. made; Pheasant rooster, full mount
24 Morgan Silver Dollars, all nice coins, see online catalog for photos. None are slabbed.
1878-P, AU; 1878-S, MS 60; 1878-CC, AU
1879-P, MS 60; 1879-O, AU; 1879-S, AU; 1879-CC, VF
1880-P, MS 60; 1880-O, AU; 1880-S, MS 60; 1880-CC, MS 60
1881-P, MS 60; 1881-O, MS 60; 1881-S, AU; 1881-CC, MS 63
1882-P, MS 60; 1882-O, MS 60; 1882-S, MS 60; 1882-CC, MS 60
1883-P, MS 60; 1883-O, MS 60; 1883-CC, AU; 1883-S, AU
1884-P, MS 60; 1884-O, MS 60
Australian silver 1 oz. Kookoobura, .99 pure
Yogo Sapphire ladies ring, .33 ct round brilliant Yogo and 13 diamonds in 14kt white gold setting. Size:  From Rogers Jewelry, Lewistown, MT ca. 1960’s.
Yogo Sapphire pendant, .35 ct pear cut, sterling silver setting
Yogo Sapphire pear pendant, sterling setting, 4 mm x 5 mm
Yogo Sapphire ladies ring, 3 Yogos, 2 diamonds, 14kt yellow gold, size 3 1/2
Yogo Sapphire ladies ring, .30 ct, size 8 3/4
Yogo Sapphire ladies heart ring, .45 tcwt, 14 kt yellow gold, size 7
Ladies diamond ring, .30 ct in 14 kt white gold
Large ladies turquoise bracelet; Turquoise and ivory bracelet
Turquoise in sterling silver bracelet, marked FG
(2) Turquoise sterling silver necklaces, one marked GG, one w/out chain
Turquoise and sterling silver squash blossom
Turquoise and sterling silver beaded necklace
Vintage ladies ring, 6 diamonds, 3 rubies in 18 kt gold setting
Blood stone ring in 10 kt gold setting
Sterling silver charm bracelet; Turquoise necklance
Fancy oak curved and leaded glass china cabinet, 74” h x 48” w x 19” d, beautiful piece. One of the nicest cabinets we’ve ever sold.
Will James memorabilia including map of his ranch, Pryor, MT, photo album, scrap books, unsigned sketches, many open edition prints, bill for his funeral, signed & canceled checks. To be sold in several lots.
 Bateman, Robert, signed print, Merv Dusk-Lesser Kudu, 14” x 18”, 404/500
Carter, Gary, signed print, Bachelor Quarters, 18” x 36”, 177/850
(4) Cheek, C. R. Christmas card pen/ink prints, signed, 8” x 6”, framed
Cheek, C. R., portfolio of bronze sculptures
Contway, Jay, print, Gros Venture Warriors, 16” x 24”
Devenyns, Steve, signed giclee print, Mutual Admiration, 18” x 24”
Huffman, L. A. photo print, Sieber’s Cabin, 1901
Lockman, Kim, giclee on paper, Reflections
Doolittle, Bev, signed print, Sacred Ground, 12” h x 39” w, 45475/69996, framed
Garrison, Webb, print, Quail on Post/Barbed Wire,  170/200, 11” x 13.5”
Glazier, Nancy, canvas print, Restless, 56/195
Grimm, Adam, Mallard Duck w/ stamp, 11310/12500,
Hintermeister, Henry, print, Savage Firearm Advertising, 25”x17”
Jeppsen, Julie, gicleee, Perfect Point, 12” x 18”
Plasschaert, The Giant Canada Goose w/1983 stamp, 684/750, 7.5” x 10”
Pickthorn, A. Nadine, print, Return to Sand Arroyo,  AP 41/50, 24” x 14”
Pickthorn, A. Nadine, print, Born to Run, AP 4/50, 25”x8.5”
Pickthorn, A. Nadine, print, Risky Behavior, AP 1/10, 32”x13.5”
Pickthorn, A. Nadine, print, Stepping Out, AP 3/50, 11”x 15”
Powell, Ace, pen/ink print, 3 Indians on Horses, 21”x 17”
Redlin,Terry, print of pencil, Hunter’s Haven, 12” x 16”
Reiss, Winold, print, Drummers-Glacier Nat. Park,  15.5” x 23.5”
Remington, Frederic, 4 colored lithos/aged folio, Artist’s Proof, all 12.5” x 8.5”
Sander, Tom, print, Fox, 397/1000, 27”x14”
Osthaus, Edmund, colored litho, First Lesson, 1919
(2) Seltzer, O. C. prints (authenticated by W. Steven Seltzer) 
Russell, Charles M. Rawhide Rawlings, 1st ed.
Hassrick, Peter, The Frederic Remington Book, dj, near fine
Renner, Frederic, The Charles M. Russell Book, dj, near fine
Rutherford, Michael, The American Cowboy, dj, 1st, near fine
Ryan, Kathleen, Ranching Traditions Photo Book, dj, 1st, near fine
Abbott, Robert, Setter/Pointer, 864/3900, 1985 Stamp, 9”x7”
Gromme, Owen, Quail in Snow, 3817/3900, 1983 Stamp, 9”x6.5”
Plasschaert, Robert, 3 Quail, 1294/1500, 1983 Stamp, 9”x6.5”
Reece, Maynard, 3 Quail in Flight, 3312/3900, 1984 Stamp, 9”x6.5”
Chapple, Dave, 3 Quail-Fence Post, 1294/1500, 1987 Stamp, 9”x6.5”
Maass, David, 6 Quail at Water, 60/3900, 1986 Stamp, 9”x6.5”
Winchester Time, Joseph 15” w x 12” h
Clausen, P., signed print, New Tennant, 15” x 20”w, 22/50
Greytak, Don, signed print, 10” x 14”, 275/500
NRA Declaration of Independence on parchment, 24” x 34”, 68/1100
Winchester Repeating Arms Ammo print, 32” x 48”, framed
Annie Oakley portrait print with original bullet, 12” h x 17” w, 334/1130
Mansanarez, Tom, signed print, Bull In the Willows, 18” x 21”, 211/500
Killen, James, signed print, Morning Marsh Pintails, 18” x 28”, 1884/3200
Roderick, Jeff, signed print, California Green Wings, 11” x 15”, 248/1000
Steiner, R, signed print, Ducks Aflight, 12” x 12”, 199/200
Russell, Sherrie, signed print, 1999, 2/50
Sieve, Michael, signed print, 3 Deer, 1991, 18” x 29”, 803/950
Stewart, Rick, Charles M. Russell Sculptor Book, 1994, 1st, like new
Mangelson, Bald Eagle, 1985, photograph, 19” x 15.5”
Muss-Arnolt, Peters Advertising, advertising art, 14”x21”
Snell, Alan, Square Butte, print, 154/350, 31”x 11
Sprunger,Elmer, Garlen Wall, print, 119/1000,
Steffen, Ross, Splendor of Shade, print, AP 5/20
Vintage Fort Benton, MT panoramic photo
(4) Zivic, William prints, all 6” x 9”, framed
Assorted C. M. Russell prints, framed
RW 2 gal. crock w/lid, small chip
 (2) RW 3 gal. crocks, no chips
RW 6 gal. crock, no chips
Wesson Oil crock
Arcade cast iron Co-op tractor w/rubber tires, 5.5”x 3”
Arcade cast iron mower, corn planter, 2 bottom plow
Mighty Midget salesman sample cook range, 12” h x 12” w
(10) pair opera glasses, all Mother of Pearl, 1890’s, several from France
Ivory chess set, 32 pcs, NIB, Hang On Ivory Factory, Hong Kong
1800’s Hayden brass trade bucket
Vintage Brady leather shot shell bag, like new
3-piece wooden shotgun cleaning rod
WW11 US Army regulation brass whistle
Heavy unmarked brass bell w/mounting hardware
Grassmayr brass bell w/wood handle
Vintage fancy quarter-sawn oak ash bucket w/insert, brass handles
Copper boiler w/wooden handles & lid
Vintage Star pattern necklace (sea urchin) yellow beads & seeds
Pintail duck wood decoy, NRA, #1049
Wooden coffee grinder, arm in trosser
Rogers Silver plated pitcher, 12” h
Wood carved bowl and tray
Benalli, W. sand script vase, 6” h
Penn Hardware Co. tobacco cutter
(4 )petrified dinosaur bones
William Henry Jackson’s Rocky Mountain RR Album
Steer horns mtd on board, 26”
Dexter chef’s knife, 14” blade
(10) brass harness bells, 1 1/4” to 3”
(5) strings sleigh bells, 1 1/2” to 3”
Carved cedar mother duck and duckling
Sutherland China-made in England, cups/saucers/serving plate
Royal Staffordshire bone china, sugar & creamer
Salisbury Crown China, made in England, 4 cups/saucers
Blue Star plates, 1971-1977 w/list
(2) Iraq paper currency, 250 dinars
Pearl handled sterling silver set
Green depression cake stand
Jelly dish w/silver tray, Crystal butter dish
Silver thimble jigger in case,  pre 1900’s
Brass horse, lighted
1922 MT State Prison inmate booking sheet
1923 Silver Certificate, owner tried to pass it off as a $20 at Liberty Theater, Great Falls. Sheriff caught him.
Horse collar hames with brass balls
Ivory celluloid dresser set
Tyndale painted rose covered candy dish & cigarette box
Western Clock Mfg. small mantle clock, working, metal case
Buffalo skull, modern Vintage steamer trunk
Blue Willow china set, service for 12
Bob Gordon’s office chair, Sheriff of Cascade County 1918
Mahogany dining table w/1 leaf
Hamm’s Beer lighted sign, works
Rainier Beer lighted sign; Michelob Light sign
Indian Chief cast iron bank, early 1900’s, Germany
Hereford bull coin bank, composition, 15” w x 8”  h
Big Smith bib overalls, ca 1950’s, 36” waist, 32” inseam, never worn
Big Mac denim overalls, ca 1950’s, 36” waist, 32” inseam, never worn
Planters Peanut cookie jar, mint

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