Northern Montana Farm Land Auction

Northern Montana Farm Land Auction
FRIDAY, SEPT 20, 2019  1 P.M.
Property Location: 8 miles west of Kevin, MT on the Kevin Highway
Auction Location: Comfort Inn, Shelby, MT
Owner: Barbara J. Monroe Trust

1,863 +/- acres of land with organic certification history, located in Toole County, Montana, 30 miles northwest of Shelby below the Kevin Rims.

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Much of the property was certified organic through 2002.  A CRP contract was initiated was initiated in 1998, expiring in 2018.  The farm was hayed that year (2018).

All tracts have matured, natural shelterbelts running north-south, catching important moisture through winter and providing protection for wildlife.  Tract 2 encompasses a portion of a large butte, jutting up steeply from the ground.  Not far off, the Kevin Rims are visible, and further to the east lie the Sweetgrass Hills.  Some fencing is present on the property, but condition of the fences varies.

  • TRACT 1: 478 ± acres
    • Access via Kevin Highway and Nepstad Road
    • Shelterbelts spaced appx. 320 ft.
    • Currently in CRP grass/alfalfa mix, CRP expired
  • TRACT 2: 479 ± acres
    • Access via Kevin Highway and Nepstad Road
    • Northwest corner of property covers the top of the rim.
    • Shelterbelts cover much of this parcel, spaced appx. 320 ft.
    • Includes small natural reservoir
    • Currently in CRP grass/alfalfa mix and native grass, CRP expired
  • TRACT 3: 150.80 ± acres
    • Access via Kevin Highway
    • Shelterbelts spaced appx. 320 ft.
    • Currently in grass/alfalfa mix, CRP expired
    • Boundary fencing present, mostly 3-wire barb
  • TRACT 4: 755.40 ± acres
    • Access via Kevin Highway and Negu Road
    • Approximately 700 acres currently in CRP grass/alfalfa mix, balance in native grass, CRP expired

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  • Terms:
    • This will be a live, open-cry auction, held at the Comfort Inn Conference Rooms, Shelby, MT.  Tracts will be offered individually and in groups, at the discretion of the Auctioneer.
    • Cash to Seller at closing.
    • Earnest Money: $10,000 per parcel, non-refundable, due immediately following auction. 
    • After the auction, Buyer(s) will enter into a written Buy-Sell Agreement.
    • No Contingencies.  Buyer(s) must have financing arranged prior to bidding. 
    • Taxes: Prorated to the date of closing.
    • Seller will provide title insurance.
    • Closing agent fees will be equally shared between Seller and Buyer(s).
    • Closing on or before October 21st, 2019 at First American Title Co., Shelby, MT.
    • Auctioneer is acting as the sole agent for the Seller.
    • Property sells subject to Seller’s approval of the final bids.
Owner: Barbara J. Monroe Trust


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Northern Montana Farm Land Auction

1940.00 Acre
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1384 Kevin Road
MLS #: 25065-19920

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Start bidding :
9/16/2019 1:00 PM MDT
End bidding :
9/20/2019 4:00 PM MDT
Date: Fri, Sep 20, 2019
Time: 4:00 PM MDT

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